You are infinitely creative! Manage your greatest resource - your creative energy. Tap into the creative field of being.

"Root Chakra Support: It’s SAfe To Be Creative" Free INFINITY HEALING Audio

My gift to you, to support you ON YOUR JOURNEY BACk home to WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

Shifting the subtle energy underlying feelings, thoughts, and behaviours transforms your life. Your energy is your most valuable resource. Manage it well. It is the foundation upon which you co-create your life.

- Pollyanna Blanco, Founder & Director

Multidimensional Muse Inc.


Cozumel, Mexico - July 7-10, 2020

Re-birth yourself! Take a modern-day women’s sacred pilgrimage to an energetically rich island to activate your chakras, amplify your healing intentions, and open you to infinite creativity.


Blossom from the inside out. . .



Your higher guidance has called you here if you have been wondering. . .

  • I feel there is more to life than meets the eye, what is that really about?

  • I feel creative impulses within me, what am I meant to do with them?

  • I feel desire for my life to come into alignment, how do I get there?

I know all too well from my own creative journey that when we desire to step out of 'the box’ and cultivate our own genuine way through life we will encounter challenges. It can feel at first like those around us no longer understand us. Our inspired ideas can be met with energies from others, when shared too soon, that stir up self-doubt, causing us to disconnect from pursuing a creative impulse and trusting our higher intuitive guidance.

Fortunately, you are not alone!

When you invite me to walk beside you, I will hold a safe space for you, where you can explore your own rich inner well of creative energy, listen to your higher guidance, and tap into the power of your conscious choice to direct your creative energy. . .for not only will you be the better for it, but the world will be too!

'“You are a multidimensional being having a human experience. Your soul has called you here to choose how you direct your creative energy, and to expand your love and light far and wide."

- Pollyanna Blanco, Founder & Director Multidimensional Muse Inc.

Deepen your connection to your creative soul essence - the REAL YOU! Access your creative flow by developing your energetic awareness through body-based healing practices that activate your inner wisdom. Hear the whispers of your soul and bring your life into vibrant alignment with your co-creations.

BrighTEn Your Energy!

Life is constantly moving. We are constantly emerging. Sometimes our energy can feel out-of-sync, become drained or even blocked, from resisting this natural tendency within ourselves. As a result, we can become stuck and feel uninspired, disconnected from the divine, and not grounded in our lives.

Like wilted flowers, we can end up dulling our vibrancy, playing small, and missing the joy that comes from creative growth and passionate action. I am here to offer you a map back to who you truly are, through healing practices with heart, that speak to your vaster self, your multidimensional being.


Your consciousness holds the magic key! Your non-physical and physical dimensions interplay with one another, as well as interconnect with the greater creative field to bring new creations into being.

Activating and working with your energy centres, called chakras, to balance them will help you to release old, stuck energies that have been hanging around. From old messages to social programming that no longer serves your highest good, energetic blocks are like”static” muffling and interfering with your ability to create what you want in your life.


Tuning into a clear you stream of creative inspiration waters the seeds of your visions. As you work with your chakras you will discover how to get out of your own way, shift resistance, and experience greater self-acceptance so that you an access creative space beyond what you’ve been traditionally taught.

This inner growth process opens the door to deeper soul truth and connects you to your highest guidance for spiritual nourishment, just as a flower turns to face the sun. With that new awareness you can shift your creative impulses into particular manifestations here on earth.

Miraculous growth comes from navigating the subtle energies of the creative process with sincerity, love, & presence, expanding you far beyond who you knew yourself to be.

- Pollyanna Blanco, Founder & Director Multidimensional Muse Inc.


Increased presence, self-trust, and creative courage are gifts you give to yourself through your inner work that will help you to take inspired steps and anchor onto your most benevolent timeline. As you raise your energetic vibration and frequency your subtle energy field expands, just as a flower blossoms by opening to the light.

I invite you to get in rhythm with your soul and “dance” with the energies within and around you, and dance the light of your being awake. There has never been a better time to honour your creative impulse!




I offer a wide range of heart-based, energy awareness practices which have been serving me well along the way and I sincerely wish that they will support your creative journey to be easier and more fulfilling too!

From Chakradance Soulshops, Chakra Activating Ceremonies, to Samhara Energy Medicine, Reiki and Infinity Healing, Wellness Retreats, Space Clearings, Creative Energy Consults, Soul Charting, my book In Rhythm With Your Soul, and inspirational blogs, videos, and talks you will find valuable practices, tools, and resources to guide you through your own process to keep expanding consciously. As you dance the creative path back to wholeness, my wish is that your journey is as rewarding as your ultimate destination, and strewn with beautiful blooms.

Pollyanna Blanco your wellness retreat host with Talk of the Town Travel.

Pollyanna Blanco your wellness retreat host with Talk of the Town Travel.


Join your soul sisters at the Dancing the Creative Path Women's Chakradance™ Retreat in Cozumel, Mexico. Raise your vibe with your tribe. Let the spirit of this magical island nurture your creative flow & amplify your intentions to spark powerful inner transformation.

Energy healing sessions in person & over distance.

Energy healing sessions in person & over distance.


Relieve stress and restore inner harmony by accessing your body's wisdom. Call your heart and mind into alignment and balance through energy transfer with hands on/above, inspired light guidance, sacred sounding, crystals, and aromatherapy. Embody transformation.


Embrace your inner magic! You are so much more than you know. Inspiration, guidance, and practices to support you on your creative journey as you discover how truly multidimensional you are. . .


“Wisdom comes pouring out of this book on every page!”

Mark Metz, Publisher, CEO, Conscious Dancer Magazine