Let me inspire you to blossom into your most creative & authentic expression - as your own multidimensional muse!

Muse - a person, or an imaginary being or force that gives someone inspiration and helps them to be creative.

Once you discover what lights your fire, continuing without it is nonnegotiable. Living disconnected from your soul is no way to live life fully - no way to live at all.
- Pollyanna Blanco, In Rhythm With Your Soul

How can a Multidimensional Muse help you expand beyond who you think you are?

She can guide you to. . .

  • be inspired

  • grow and expand

  • hear your soul and higher self

  • relax deeply

  • release overthinking

  • activate your energy centres

  • let go of resistance

  • cultivate your creative courage

  • transform obstacles & creative blocks

  • uplift your vibration

  • align your creativity

  • awaken higher dimensional awareness

  • restore clarity

  • upgrade your timeline

  • spark passionate action

  • attune you to your soul’s callings

Discover how truly multidimensional you are. . .

While you have a physical body and exist in 3-D reality, there is more to you than meets the eye. You are an energetic being and aspects of you reside in the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms too. Bodies of energy surround our physical body. Chakras, Sankrit for ‘wheels of light’, help translate energy from the subtle realms to the physical and back again. Energy streams known as meridians and energy points referred to as nadi create energetic networks throughout the body communicating with our chakra centres, sending and receiving energetic information, ideally so our energy can remain in constant flow to maintain our health and well-being.

Neurobiologist Candace Pert, describes our body as being the subconscious mind and our emotions as the bridge between the physical and spiritual through our receptor cells and their relationship with neuropeptides. Our emotions alert us to the state of wellness in our body. Through energy work and conscious awareness practices we can become empowered to access our body’s healing wisdom, leading us to greater inner peace, harmony, and balance.

Scientists also describe this expanded self as being an actual energetic field on the quantum level that is interconnected with all other energy fields of sentient beings through the life force energy that animates it. Therefore we have access to infinite possibilities as we exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, 3-D and higher. As we discover how to access fresh new perspectives we can shift our awareness of our experiences. And just as when we twist a kaleidoscope, even the smallest shifts can significantly alter our perceptions and our reality. As a multidimensional being you are constantly co-creating every moment of your life with the universe. So as you expand your consciousness and embody this awareness, you empower a freer, more uplifted expression of your authentic self!