Gratitude for Positive Vibes . . .


Photo thanks to Zdenka Darula

Pollyanna was very kind, supportive, and compassionate. She was able to hold space for me to really be with what I was going through and able to guide me intuitively. Our work together was very profound in 3 sessions we had and I would recommend Pollyanna to anyone who needs guidance and support in their life.
- Michelle Lall, Holistic Nutritionist, LALL Nutrition

Pollyanna facilitated a positive environment that promoted creativity and insight into an inner physical, mental, and spiritual world. Polly was professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout.
- Alex Burnaru, Kinesiologist, Trainer

When I started the Ascended Numerology session I knew it would be insightful, but I never thought it would blow my mind! The synchronicities were so incredible, and my events so aligned.”
- Cindy Roemer, NLP Practitioner

Pollyanna is a truly gifted, intuitive healer. She provided me with an all-encompassing holistic experience, combining Reiki, channeling (transmission), crystals, sound, and aromatherapy. I felt all my senses engaged. She was able to effortlessly hold space with such kindness and compassion. I felt seen and heard at once. Her transmissions provided clarity during a turbulent time. I was energized and floating from the energy work for days.
- Vincent Martins, Thai Massage Energy Work Practitioner

Those few days at the Dancing the Creative Path Women’s Chakradance™ Retreat in Cozumel, Mexico were so therapeutic for me, and moving forward I have a new perspective on things that I didn’t have before. Friends, coworkers and family ask how my trip was and I love telling them.
- Leslie Redmond, Dental Hygienist, Administrator, and retreat participant