Pollyanna Blanco is a dancing creative soul, energy practitioner and intuitive who is happy to guide you back home to your true self.

After years of transforming the challenges of the creative process into gifts, Pollyanna Blanco understands all too well how this path leads us deeper into a soulful exploration of our authentic self. As a dancer, author, and arts teacher she has witnessed in herself, her students and clients, the inner blossoming that can manifest when we honour our creative calling. Her intuitive sensitivity guides her to see people on a soul level. She guides you to connect with your energetic essence, and the magnificent, multidimensional being you truly are.

As a Samhara™ Energy Medicine Practitioner, Pollyanna facilitates inner shifts with her clients through hands-on healing, transmissions, sounding, and crystals. Her approach is client-centred, empowering, and inspired. She has the ability to help you recognize just how creative you are, to embody deeper knowing, as you release limiting beliefs, and energetic strongholds, that are holding you back from moving forward in greater faith and trust.

Her approach is multidimensional, providing a synergy of healing supports as a licensed Chakradance™ Facilitator, an Ascended Numerologist™, a Sacred Rudraksha Practitioner™, a Divine Connections Practitioner, and a Holistic Transformational Travel Retreat leader. She has held ceremony with the Maya, trekked into the jungle, and has taken her Munay-Ki rites. She creates extended healing opportunities through dance movement, soul charting, inspired guidance, crystals, chakra work, ceremony, and space clearing to support you in rediscovering inner truth and joy in your creative expressions.

Her passion for energy and soul work is balanced and grounded with over twenty years of experience as a Secondary School TDSB Art Teacher who has taught in Toronto, Mexico, Costa Rica, and France. Some of her creative manifestations include, author of In Rhythm With Your Soul (Deeper Well), Canadian Writer Magazine National Award recipient, IBM Jingle Award recipient, contributor to New Consciousness Review, performer with pop singer Billy Newton Davis, and 2013 North American Imperial Pro-Am Show Dance Champion and Best of the Best participant representing the Spring Tulip Classic at the 2013 Ohio Star Ball.

She holds a Hon. B.A., with distinction, from the University of Toronto, as well as B. Ed, from OISE/UT. Pollyanna envisions a world where we each find greater freedom through our inner work and healing, so we can truly honour our unique creative inspiration, trusting it’s guidance, as we contribute, as conscious creators, to a bright, new world.

Pollyanna is also a member of the Canadian Reiki Association, IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), and a licensed Holistic Practitioner with the City of Toronto.