Call in the creative courage to dance through life like no one is watching!

May you dive into the depths of your soul, befriend your body, master your mind and soar with your spirit.
- Pollyanna Blanco, In Rhythm With Your Soul

Never sit out another dance again! When you feel that inner stirring, this book will help you get on the dance floor – or pursue any creative endeavour at all. Honouring and acting on your creative-intuitive impulse is the key to living a regret-free life. Literally or metaphorically, once you have dusted off your dance shoes and begun your journey, here you will find the mental, emotional, and spiritual support to keep at it. While outside experts can instruct you about craft, technique, and styling to develop your artistry, everyone benefits from a trusted guide and confidant, one who speaks from the heart of personal experience. In those moments you may question your journey or wonder if you are alone, these pages will lead you from doubt to lightness of being, through humour, simple steps, and inspiration. Be reassured: dancing with your daimons graces and richly rewards those ready to receive its immeasurable gifts.