Creative Courage Talks

Pollyanna facilitated a positive environment that promoted creativity and insight into an inner physical, mental and spiritual world. Pollyanna was professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout.
- Alex Burnaru, Kinesiologist, Trainer

Creative Courage Talks

We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers we seek. This distance oracle card and Infinity healing session with Pollyanna will intuitively guide and empower you to uncover your subconscious intentions and counter-intentions and help you transform internal roadblocks that may have been confusing you along your path.

Oracle cards are not used as fortune-telling, but are instead used as a revelation practice, acting to mirror back to you that deep er part of you, your soul's urging. The intention for using these spiritual tools is to help you discover greater clarity and alignment in your life.

Infinity Healing is a powerful way to create deep and long-lasting shifts on the subconscious level. This healing process is unique in that it requires your conscious mind to engage in your healing process as it is your “YES” to verbal prompts that activates the healing energies required to co-create the shifts you would like to see in your life.

When our creativity is blocked we can be left wondering what’s going on? Despite our conscious mind guiding us to take certain deliberate actions, we are still left feeling stuck as what we desire and what we see as a result are a mismatch. These blocks require our subconscious mind to be transformed. All the old tapes running in the background are cancelling out our earnest attempts to create change and manifest a new reality on an energetic level. As a result we are not yet in alignment with our creations. Replacing those self-sabotaging thoughts with more energetically aligned thoughts creates a positive ripple effect and aligns us on all levels.

Pollyanna studied at the Transformational Arts College, Toronto, in the Divine Connections Practitioner Program.




Sessions are over distance (over Zoom or Skype). Each session includes the gift of notes, where possible, to help you carry key insights forward. 



One session can be helpful and groundbreaking however it often takes more than one to create change and lasting results. Powerful emotions can arise and continued work with Pollyanna will support you while you shift and release.


Chakra Abundance BundlE: BREAKThrough Creative Blocks

Creativity is a process. This introductory 3 session distance program allows you to connect with your chakras and access your creative power.

Heal the mental confusion around your intentions and longstanding blocks to creative manifestation.

Realign your choices with your highest intentions.

Gain insight into subconscious patterns of self-sabotage that have been holding you back.

Modality: Infinity Healing, Samhara Reiki

Tools: Chakra Oracle Cards

Session 1 - Check-in, Chakra Scan

Session 2 - Infinity Healing

Session 3 - Follow-up, Chakra Scan

Three 30 min sessions for $264 ($88 each, includes tax)


Single Session: ChargE Up Your Chakras For CREATIVE Clarity

Ideal for those who need a quick energy check-in to help transform their awareness. This 30 minute distance check-in session plus follow-up personalized Infinity Healing audio recording is the perfect soul tonic. And you can use it from the comfort of your own home at your convenience.

$170 (includes tax)


Creative Courage Seminars & Workshops

Inspirational talks based on Pollyanna's book, In Rhythm With Your Soul: Breakthrough the Barriers to Being Creative, Face Your Daimons and Dance!

These talks can be customized for your group, large or small and offered in a seminar or workshop format depending on the size of the group and how interactive you would like the experience to be for your participants.

Please contact Pollyanna with the specific details of your request.