Ascended Numerology Soul Charts & Life Purpose Readings

When I started the Ascended Numerology session I knew it would be insightful, but I never thought it would blow my mind! The synchronicities were so incredible, and my events were so aligned.
- Cindy Roemer, NLP Practitioner

Unlock the inner wisdom contained in the code of your soul through the practice of divine revelation.

The original science of using numbers was “lost during the burning of the Library of Alexandria has only recently been brought back for the benefit of humanity. Ascended Numerology is the ancient form of modern numerology, retaining the “zero” or “void” concept. The deep and powerful insights that are gained from this revelation practice are truly remarkable.

One of the most healing practices we can embrace is that of self-acceptance. As human beings we are multi-layered. We have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions to our being. Imagine being able to look at yourself and your life from an ascended perspective. How would that allow you to shift your perception and understanding of how and why your life has unfolded? When you need help getting out of our own way, discover how this practice can enlighten you.

There is an insightful quote from acclaimed writer Maya Angelou that states, “You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.”And that someone is you!


Master Soul CODE CHART Reading

All first-time clients start here. This session offers you a beautiful Diamond Foundation Chart or Soul Chart, and offers you in-depth understanding of your ascended presence.

  • Master Soul Code Report and feedback

  • Soul Chart for your records

  • 3 significant dates with feedback

  • supportive crystals and practices to anchor and align you with the energy of your Master Soul Code

  • 1 hour Ascended Numerology talk

  • 1/2 hour Samhara Reiki integration

  • $333 (includes tax)


Life Purpose Reading

Your Soul Chart Consult Session (prerequisite) prepares you to receive deeper insight into your current timeline (for returning clients). . .

This session can offer you additional clarity on past events in your life from a soul perspective and are great for those struggling with forgiveness issues, especially when one has been doing a lot of healing work and is still feeling stuck, as being unable to forgive can be the number one energetic block to moving forward.

This session can also provide guidance when deciding on important future dates for personal or business reasons, such as marriage, launching a new project or business, to gain insight into the energy your soul is calling into these co-creations with Source Universe.

  • 3 significant questions plotted on your Soul Chart with an overlay, along with feedback

  • supportive crystals and practices to amplify the energy of your co-creation

  • 1/2 hour Ascended Numerology talk

  • 1/2 hour Samhara Reiki integration

  • $222 (includes tax)