Samhara™ Reiki Creative Space Flow

It was truly an honour to witness Pollyanna in her element. I had the pleasure of working with her to cleanse my storefront over the Holidays. A two-hour session was enlightening. I have never experienced anything like it, she was spot on and her healing ability is something you will truly feel. Days after the session, I felt the positivity in the space, I felt more vibrant and light. Pollyanna is such a beautiful person inside and out, her gentle ways and kindness touch everyone that crosses her path.
- Cheryl, Ethical Fashion Store Owner

Clear and attune your personal or work space to resonate with increased harmony, flow, and abundance.


Our life spaces hold accumulated energies from thoughts, emotions, and memories and become extensions of us.

Habitual daily patterns and habits that we do on auto-pilot can contribute to our space feeling more and more out of alignment with our conscious intentions, and this can create a mismatch between what we want and what we experience.

Samhara™ Reiki space clearing can support you to restore harmony, shift your experience, and attract abundance within your space.




Sessions are in person. You will receive Samhara™ Reiki to empower you to create shifts within your space as it is an extension of you. Each session includes a crystal grid, sound healing, sounding, energy transmissions, and inspired intuitive guidance.

  • Personal SPACE

    Rediscover how to feel at home in your space. Create a sanctuary for rest and reprieve. Restore harmony, peace and well-being in your sacred space.

  • Work Space

    Attract ideal clients, increase engagement, and shift perceptions of your business through aligning your creative vision with your space. Receive higher guidance about how to grow and expand your business’s positive impact on the world.


One session can be helpful and groundbreaking however it often takes more than one to create change and lasting results. Powerful emotions can arise and continued work with Pollyanna will support you while you shift and release.


Initial visit

  • Complimentary 15 minute in-take call.

  • Two hour session includes crystal space clearing grid, smudge, essential oils, sacred sound, Samhara™ Reiki, energy transmission, and inspired intuitive guidance.

    $333 (includes tax)



After your initial consultation periodic space check-ups to re-attune your space will help to maintain the positive flow in your space.

  • 1 hour session includes crystal space clearing, smudge, essential oils, sacred sound, Samhara™ Reiki, energy transmission, and inspired intuitive guidance.

    $188 (includes tax)