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Nurture your well-being from the inside out. Breakthrough the barriers that hold you back and deepen your connection to authentic creative expression.

'“You are a multidimensional being having a human experience. You are here to be your own muse, as a co-creator."

Sometimes our energy gets blocked, and we can feel stuck or uninspired, disconnected from the divine, and not grounded in our lives. I would be honoured to be your sincere guide, offering you a map back to who you truly are through healing practices. Becoming your best, most expanded expression of self, is a creative process that when navigated with sincerity, love, and presence can empower you to make the profound inner shifts your heart desires to live a life worth living.

From energy healing, to chakra activating ceremonies, Chakradance workshops, wellness retreats, space clearings, inspirational books, blogs, videos, and talks you will find valuable practices, tools, and resources to guide your own passionate action. As you dance the creative path back to wholeness, my wish is that your journey is as rewarding as your ultimate destination.

Pollyanna Blanco, Chakradance Facilitator & Multidimensional Muse

Pollyanna Blanco, Chakradance Facilitator & Multidimensional Muse


Join your soul sisters at the Dancing the Creative Path Women's Chakradance retreat in Cozumel, Mexico. Let the spirit of this magical island nurture your creative flow & amplify your intentions to spark powerful inner transformation.

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Sessions in person & over distance.

Sessions in person & over distance.


Relieve stress and restore inner harmony by accessing your body's wisdom. Call your heart and mind into alignment and balance through energy transfer with hands on/above, inspired light guidance, sacred sounding, crystals, and aromatherapy.

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Embrace your inner magic! You are so much more than you know.Inspiration, guidance, and practices to support you on your creative journey as you discover how truly multidimensional you are. . .